To remind you of special moments of happiness

Would you like to retain the memory of what you have experienced for a very long time? Then we recommend that you have the tour of your choice accompanied by a professional photographer. Capture your moments of happiness for eternity!

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3 Hours
€ 270

When the sun disappears behind the mountains, the most beautiful colours appear on the horizon. Learn how to take the perfect snap of the sunset in this photography session with a professional (Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2018). And hike as you do so to a spectacular viewing point...

1 Day
€ 217

Gain an insight into South Tyrol’s oldest culture, one of Rhaeto-Romanic roots, which has had a lasting influence on the local culture and way of life. In the Val Gardena and Val Badia valleys you will see typical buildings, hear the Ladin language, and get a sense of the originality of these people and their enduring bond with the mountains.

3 Hours
€ 192

Portraits - the leitmotif in Peter Senoner's work. Here in the Atelier Fundneyt, you will embark on an artistic exploration of the human figure, as drawn, painted and sculpted by Senoner again and again. A rare opportunity to get this close to works of art...

3 Hours
€ 324

Even just an intention to draw something requires you to take a very close look at it. Discover nature through drawing together with the artist Peter Senoner, and find out for yourself what effect even small changes in perspective can have. So grab your pencil, open your eyes - and off you go!