Sustainability is the driving force behind everything we do.

Explore the world with myTour and enjoy the peace of mind of actively contributing to nature conservation. Our approach is based on a holistic view of sustainability, balancing environmental, economic, and social responsibilities fairly. We strive to make our tours as climate-neutral as possible and offset unavoidable emissions with our compensation partner Thanks to our innovative approach, we amplify the effect up to 50 times, making our "Green Tours" even climate-positive.

1.5 Hours
€ 111

Undoubtedly one of the most beautiful sites in the Dolomites. And in the peace and tranquillity of the early morning hours, you’ll have this deep green mountain lake against its impressive mountain backdrop to yourselves as you enjoy a carefully prepared breakfast of regional specialities served on an exclusive wooden boat.

1 Day
€ 403

On this tour through the Dolomites - a UNESCO World Heritage Site - we promise to show you one photo spot after another. In one day you will meet all the "stars" of the world-famous Dolomites. And to round off the tour, you’ll enjoy a delicious picnic of local delicacies in the midst of all the stunning scenery.

3 Hours
€ 234

A forest environment has many positive effects on people, calming us and promoting our well-being. During forest bathing, you can use the help of mindfulness exercises, deliberate, deep breaths and the power of meditation to focus completely on yourself, and allow the atmosphere to release your sense of joy and calm.

Our partnership with

We chose as our partner because they guarantee trust and quality in their services. Their strategic approach to emission reduction is tailor-made and exactly matches our needs. We can choose from a variety of pre-defined portfolios specifically tailored to our industry. With this flexibility, we can easily adjust our compensation strategy and not only offset the exact emissions of our Green Tours, but also remove more CO2 from the environment than we have produced.

Which projects do we support together with to remove carbon from the atmosphere?

If you would like more information about individual projects, climate protection, or other topics, please do not hesitate to contact us.