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4.5 Hours
€ 152

You will probably never forget this dramatic natural spectacle, as the sky over and above the Three Peaks shimmers in the most beautiful colours even before the first rays of sunlight appear. After the hike with a mountain guide, you will enjoy a hearty breakfast at an alpine refuge with a spectacular view of the Dolomite peaks.

2 Hours
€ 67

What could be crazier than going for a swim in a frozen mountain lake in the middle of winter? But Goethe already knew that you can have a lot of fun and Kneipp was aware of the health benefits of cold water. Take the plunge and join us on this unforgettable winter excursion! This leisurely winter hike culminates in an icy dip in the frozen lake at the Seehof. This extremely invigorating refreshment is not only supposed to give you an adrenaline rush, but also strengthens your body. Sebastian Kneipp and Johann Wolfgang von Goethe already knew this. Nevertheless, you should of course be in good health before getting into the ice-cold water.

0.5 Hours
€ 6

The VISIT DARK SKIES® listening experience is the ideal complement to your stay under an excellent starry sky. Immerse yourself in the night with our guided sky viewing. You'll learn all about the Big Dipper and we'll show you how to use your eyes at night to see as many stars as possible.

2 Hours
€ 74

A frozen lake, the snow-covered Dolomites all around and only you and your favorite person at the jetty: from here you can breathe in the tranquility of the enchanting winter landscape. Let the incomprehensible beauty take effect on you. And start the day with a soothing breakfast of local delicacies.

2 Hours
€ 74

When the sun sets, it becomes quiet in nature: enjoy this moment a little longer - in the heated jetty with a direct view of the snow-covered landscape in the middle of the Fanes-Sennes-Braies Nature Park. And sip winter punch and taste seasonal finger food.

1.5 Hours
€ 111

Undoubtedly one of the most beautiful sites in the Dolomites. And in the peace and tranquillity of the early morning hours, you’ll have this deep green mountain lake against its impressive mountain backdrop to yourselves as you enjoy a carefully prepared breakfast of regional specialities served on an exclusive wooden boat.

1 Day
€ 231

The romantic igloo accommodation is a magical experience for connoisseurs and adventurers with a passion for wellness. Mountainiglu at the Speikboden offers everything you need for an adventurous night. A lot of nature, wellness, romance and excellent food.

2 Hours
€ 112

It will be a unique opportunity to slow down, to escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, to take time for yourself and for the couple, to enjoy the pleasure of using the most important senses (sight, hearing, touch, smell) to grasp the richness that nature offers at any time of year, and then to enter into the dimension of "soul contact", a slow, gentle, enveloping and deep couple massage.

1 Hour
€ 120

Connect during this deep and relaxing couple massage. Enjoy moments of tranquility and intimacy and use this experience to regenerate and decelerate.

4 Hours
€ 123

The Shinrin "forest" yoku "bath" or "forest bath" originated in Japan in the 1980s and is an activity of deep connection with nature in a dimension of slowness, awareness and relationship with the forest, with the aim of relaxing the mind and unloading the emotional load that accompanies us in everyday life.