Because the unknown opens new doors

Marvel at the most beautiful mountains in the world, start the day in a romantic rowing boat, or soak up the Mediterranean lifestyle: if you are open to new experiences, you’ll have them. We have come up with something very special for you!

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1 Hour
€ 211

Discover the enchanting beauty of Sirmione from the water. This exclusive experience offers a serene one-hour cruise at sunset around the picturesque peninsula of Sirmione, complete with a glass of exquisite Costaripa Brut. Relax and unwind as you glide through the tranquil waters, taking in the stunning views and historic landmarks bathed in the golden hues of the setting sun.

6 Hours
€ 508

Fancy some dolce vita? This includes an aperitif with homemade antipasti on a farm high above Lake Garda, and a bracing boat trip to the fishing village of Limone, where one of the locals will let you in on some of the secrets of the village, and where you’ll have the opportunity to taste their delicious limoncello liqueur at a “limonaia”.

4 Hours
€ 283

Experience romantic Verona with one of our local soulmates, who will show you all of the most famous spots, as well as some of his or her personal favourites. On this tour you will also have the opportunity to visit a private palazzo and enjoy a glass of prosecco and Italian finger food - for a sparkling end to your visit.

1 Day
€ 291

Discover Venice for yourself at your leisure. Once you arrive in the centre, a Venetian soulmate will accompany you to the highlights of the city. Afterwards you will also be able to experience the uniqueness of this lagoon city from the water - on an exclusive tour with sparkling Prosecco and appetisers typical of the region.

3 Hours
€ 415

All aboard, burner on, up goes the balloon - and you’re off! Once you reach an altitude of 2,000m above sea level, an extraordinary view over a fascinating mountain landscape will open out beneath you. After floating gently back down to earth, you will be given your flight diploma and an aperitif accompanied by delicious appetisers.

0.5 Hours
€ 12

The VISIT DARK SKIES® listening experience is the ideal complement to your stay under an excellent starry sky. Immerse yourself in the night with our guided sky viewing. You'll learn all about the Big Dipper and we'll show you how to use your eyes at night to see as many stars as possible.

1 Day
€ 463

Where did beer originate from? What ingredient determines its colour? And how is beer made? Immerse yourself in the fascinating and complex art of beer-making with our beer-brewers. As well as tasting various beers, you will also make your own at this workshop.

1 Hour
€ 21

The stylish packaging of 58chocolate should give you an inkling of the delights concealed within: Impassioned chocolate maker Renè will explain to you in person how the chocolate is made in his artisan chocolate manufactory in the heart of Merano. Finally, there is of course the opportunity to taste these exquisite creations made using simple, pure raw ingredients.

2 Hours
€ 67

What could be crazier than going for a swim in a frozen mountain lake in the middle of winter? But Goethe already knew that you can have a lot of fun and Kneipp was aware of the health benefits of cold water. Take the plunge and join us on this unforgettable winter excursion! This leisurely winter hike culminates in an icy dip in the frozen lake at the Seehof. This extremely invigorating refreshment is not only supposed to give you an adrenaline rush, but also strengthens your body. Sebastian Kneipp and Johann Wolfgang von Goethe already knew this. Nevertheless, you should of course be in good health before getting into the ice-cold water.

1 Day
€ 142

There are places in this world that are so impressive that you simply must have seen them. We are talking about the 4-passes tour around the Sella massif. This unique ski circuit offers breathtaking views of the bizarre Dolomite mountains and takes you over the Campolongo Pass, the Pordoi Pass, the Sella Pass and the Gardena Pass. Thanks to perfectly connected lifts and perfectly groomed slopes, you can ski almost 30 kilometers in just one day and you never have to take off your skis.