Because there is nothing like things you have made yourself

From beer to herbal salt to a work of art: our workshops are very hands-on, and you'll go home with something very personal. Here you can look forward to all sorts of tips from beer brewers, herbalists or artists.

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5 Hours
€ 296

Markus Holzer is not only a chef with a passion for pasta - he is also the landlord of the Jora refuge at the foot of the Rocca dei Baranci or Haunold mountain. And there with him, you will be able to conjure up all sorts of delicious and unusual pasta dishes such as nettle ravioli or juniper fusilli, using ingredients from South Tyrol. And then of course sample them with the appropriate wine.

2 Hours
€ 183

Wool is a versatile raw material. With the right technique, you can make all sorts of useful accessories such as felt seat covers, sauna hats or even jewellery from it. After visiting our woolly friends at the Gunz Hof farm, you will make your own felt product from the natural material they supply.

3 Hours
€ 123

Wild garlic, nettle or ground ivy: Wild herbs can be used to give every dish a special character, although each one only grows at a particular time of year. Our soulmate knows when - and which ones are suitable for making a delicious herb-flavoured salt.

3 Hours
€ 123

Rosemary and garlic are not the only options for a tasty herb-flavoured oil. Wild herbs from the forest can also be used to give oil a special flavour. Together with our soulmate, you will look for the right herbs in the forest and then use them to make your very own variety of herbal oil. Which you can of course then take home with you!

1 Day
€ 463

Where did beer originate from? What ingredient determines its colour? And how is beer made? Immerse yourself in the fascinating and complex art of beer-making with our beer-brewers. As well as tasting various beers, you will also make your own at this workshop.

3 Hours
€ 324

Even just an intention to draw something requires you to take a very close look at it. Discover nature through drawing together with the artist Peter Senoner, and find out for yourself what effect even small changes in perspective can have. So grab your pencil, open your eyes - and off you go!

3 Hours
€ 299

When the sun disappears behind the mountains, the most beautiful colours appear on the horizon. Learn how to take the perfect snap of the sunset in this photography session with a professional (Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2018). And hike as you do so to a spectacular viewing point...