Because good food nourishes both body and soul

Would you like to learn the art of making pasta from an impassioned pasta chef? Would you like to experience the production of artisan chocolate from South Tyrol? Or would you prefer to have someone cook for you in your own private wine cellar? Whatever you decide: we promise you will enjoy it!

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1 Hour
€ 21

The stylish packaging of 58chocolate should give you an inkling of the delights concealed within: Impassioned chocolate maker Renè will explain to you in person how the chocolate is made in his artisan chocolate manufactory in the heart of Merano. Finally, there is of course the opportunity to taste these exquisite creations made using simple, pure raw ingredients.

5 Hours
€ 296

Markus Holzer is not only a chef with a passion for pasta - he is also the landlord of the Jora refuge at the foot of the Rocca dei Baranci or Haunold mountain. And there with him, you will be able to conjure up all sorts of delicious and unusual pasta dishes such as nettle ravioli or juniper fusilli, using ingredients from South Tyrol. And then of course sample them with the appropriate wine.