Because inner poise is the key to happiness

Whether meditation, yoga or forest bathing: there are plenty of ways to take care of your mental and physical health. Why not allow yourself to be inspired by one of our health-promoting courses?

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0.5 Hours
€ 6

The VISIT DARK SKIES® listening experience is the ideal complement to your stay under an excellent starry sky. Immerse yourself in the night with our guided sky viewing. You'll learn all about the Big Dipper and we'll show you how to use your eyes at night to see as many stars as possible.

2 Hours
€ 112

It will be a unique opportunity to slow down, to escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, to take time for yourself and for the couple, to enjoy the pleasure of using the most important senses (sight, hearing, touch, smell) to grasp the richness that nature offers at any time of year, and then to enter into the dimension of "soul contact", a slow, gentle, enveloping and deep couple massage.

1 Hour
€ 120

Connect during this deep and relaxing couple massage. Enjoy moments of tranquility and intimacy and use this experience to regenerate and decelerate.

2 Hours
€ 112

Forest bathing in winter offers a special opportunity to more consciously experience the peace and tranquility of the forest at this time of year. During this activity, various practical and dynamic exercises are offered to inspire you to connect more deeply with the forest and its elements. The goal is not only to experience the forest with your primary senses (sight, hearing, touch, smell), but also to engage your authentic feelings. In this way, a resonant space is created between the quiet splendor of the forest and one's own sensations. The forest presents itself as a state of realization in which desires come true without effort.

3 Hours
€ 134

Welcome to the Family Forest Experience! This special forest experience is tailor-made for the whole family and allows a deep connection with the forest and nature in a sensual way. Through various moments, all family members, regardless of age, are involved in interacting with the elements of the forest. This happens in an atmosphere of tranquility, playful interaction, relationship and depth.

3 Hours
€ 149

The Forestling® Experience is a concrete, intuitive and balancing nature activity that acts on the system of "body - mind - emotion". Through the harmonious combination of nature, coaching, counseling, mindfulness and forest bathing, participants are guided to experience a dimension of authentic presence and acceptance. This occurs through the energetic power of the natural environment, which promotes the relaxation process and alleviates mental as well as emotional stress. This state of release allows one to enter into stillness, recognize and strengthen one's own qualities and resources, and perceive one's own undivided nature. Participants have the extraordinary opportunity to establish a deep relationship with nature and interact with it in a practical, intimate and harmonious way. This allows them to regenerate body and soul and nourish them with their precious gifts of the senses.

3 Hours
€ 234

A forest environment has many positive effects on people, calming us and promoting our well-being. During forest bathing, you can use the help of mindfulness exercises, deliberate, deep breaths and the power of meditation to focus completely on yourself, and allow the atmosphere to release your sense of joy and calm.

3 Hours
€ 180

Practising the 5 Tibetans® on a daily basis has many positive benefits: mental poise as well as physical well-being. With our soulmate, you can practise the 5 Tibetans® on a flat clearing in the forest, then allow the atmosphere to work its magic as you enjoy a delicious farmhouse breakfast.